Terms & Conditions

Terms of Sale

Our terms are 30 days net to those who have established an open account with us.  All prices subject to change without notice.  Credit only – no cash refunds.  If you have not opened an account with us merely request our credit application form.  With this information it should take only a short time to open your account.  All new accounts will be C.O.D. until credit has been checked and approved.

Products & Services

We remanufacture all types and makes of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors, semi-hermetic stators, motors and pumps.  A substantial parts inventory is maintained on CARRIER, COPELAND, DUNHAM-BUSH, TRANE, YORK & WORTHINGTON (CLIMATROL) compressors, rebuilt valve plates, rotary seals and resurfaced chrome crankshafts.

Information on Ordering

When ordering a replacement compressor shaft or compressor parts, be sure to give correct model and part number.  On compressors, give full Information as to make, model, number of cylinders etc.  On Semi-Hermetic compressors, in addition to model numbers, give voltage and phase.  Note: in our compressor section additional information to properly identify compressor models are listed under each manufacturer.  See page “How to order a compressor”.  This will help with detail on field information required to ensure proper compressor replacement with all necessary characteristics, ie. unloader heads, suction size, and crankcase heater.

Warranty Policy

WE WILL NOT CONSIDER ANY WARRANTY CLAIMS UNLESS THE ACCOUNT IS CURRENT AND IN GOOD STANDING.  REMANUFACTURED COMPRESSORS: We warrant our remanufactured or exchange compressors to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for 1 year from date of invoice and said warranty shall be limited to furnishing a replacement, F.O.B. our warehouse, for the compressor which upon our examination discloses to our satisfaction to be defective.  Ask about our no fault warranty.  Warranty shall not be extended to any compressor that has been subjected to liquid slugging, improper voltage, poor system engineering, use of alcohol, or installation of our compressors into contaminated systems.  Failure to install suction line dryer ahead of all Hermetic and Semi-Hermetic compressors that have been replaced because of burnouts will void this warranty.  We assume no liability for system damage or product loss due to failure of one of our replacement compressors, or labor expense involved in the removal, installation or failure of compressor or parts under this warranty.  Warranty applies only to compressors sold in the United States.  We warranty a compressor for one year when paid for within our credit terms.  CARRIER, COPELAND, DUNHAM-BUSH, TRANE, YORK, WORTHINGTON PARTS THERMO KING, ALL TRANSPORTATION COMPRESSORS, BITZERS ETC., All warranty parts returned for credit are subject to the manufacturers’ approval.  Material return forms must be completed by the customer before the goods are returned to the factory by us.  Please contact our parts manager before return of any defective or warranty parts.  NOTE: Credit due for exchange sales is subject to deduction for missing parts.

Disclaimer of Liability

As proper installation and hook-up of the compressor, compressor parts, safety controls and devices, and proper system operation is the responsibility of the installing contractor and of his mechanics, we specifically exclude and deny any liability for any and all injuries and/or damages to persons or property.

Credit Information

Our Credit Application must be filled out and signed.  Three trade references and bank reference must be supplied.  We will order a credit report.  Once all are received, we will send a letter of approval outlining credit limit and terms.

Past Due Accounts

Any account past terms who has become delinquent will be turned over to legal collection.  All costs including interest, collections cost & any legal fees will become part of the settlement amount due.


All material is sold F.O.B. our warehouse.  Our responsibility ceases on delivery of goods to carrier; any claims for damaged goods should be taken up with the carrier.  All incoming compressors must be shipped to us prepaid.

Material Return

If parts are returned for credit, they will be subject to a restocking charge of 20%.  All claims for shortage of material must be submitted in writing within ten days of date of receipt of material.  No claims shall be considered unless this procedure is followed.  Material made on special order or material of a special nature not normally carried in our inventory will not be subject to return.  All other material will be accepted subject to inspection.

Core Return on Exchange

No model number substitution permitted without direct consent of National and only after an agreed price.  Exchange casting must be returned within 15 working days.  Any outstanding cores past 30 days must be paid for and will be credited upon return of casting, within a 75 day limit Thereafter NO REFUND.  NOTE: Credit due on exchange sales are subject to deduction for missing parts.

General Information

The possession of this catalog by an unauthorized person does not obligate us to accept an order nor does it constitute an offer to sell.  All prices and warranty policy do not apply to compressors sold out of the United States.