Remanufactured Compressors: What You Need To Know

At National Compressor Exchange, we are proud to be the industry leader in providing remanufactured compressors and replacement parts. Our remanufacturing process is sophisticated and efficient, allowing us to provide customers with the highest quality product available, backed by the best warranty in the business.

Hermetic vs. Semi-Hermetic Compressors

The primary distinction between hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors is that the end-user can access semi-hermetic units and service them directly, swapping out parts or rebuilding when needed. Often hermetic compressors are described as “non-rebuildable” or “disposable”, when in fact they are only inaccessible to remanufacturers who lack the technology and systems to properly rebuild them.

No matter the kind of compressor you have, chances are that we have a remanufactured replacement ready and waiting to be shipped out to you as soon as you need it. Every remanufactured compressor we sell has gone through our demanding process, guaranteeing you’ll get a quality compressor at a competitive price. We offer compressors from brand names such as Trane, Copeland, Bristol, and Bitzer.

Our Process

The National Compressor Exchange remanufacturing process is thorough and rigorous, allowing us to provide top-tier remanufactured compressors at competitive pricing. Every one of our compressors is backed by an industry leading one-year warranty.

When compressors arrive at our facilities, they are first fully dissembled and all parts inventoried or discarded, then sent on for cleaning. At this point all parts are given Tracer papers, which allow for tracking of their movements, to ensure they meet tolerances and no steps are skipped.

During the cleaning phase, cast iron components are burned in an air oven to degrease them, then blasted with an environmentally friendly shot peen machine. Once restored to their original factory appearance, they are sent in for any needed machining, where all parts are restored to OEM specs.

While the casing and components have been cleaned and machined, in our motor department the compressor’s motor has been rewound and quality tested. The stator is stripped and rewound, dipped in varnish and cured in our ovens.

All parts are then reassembled, and — if the compressor is hermetic – welded. The rebuilt compressor is then tested under working conditions, and all tracer papers double-checked and verified. The results of the final quality check are included with your order, so you can rest assured that your remanufactured product has passed all of our verifications. It is with a great deal of pride we can say that there is no quality-assurance program in the entire industry that surpasses our own.

Out the Door

Once a remanufactured compressor has met all of our quality checks, it’s ready to be shipped to your door. But our service doesn’t stop when you take possession of your order. Shipped with your compressor you’ll find the results of the quality check that ensured it was ready to bear our name and go through our door. All of our compressors carry our industry-best one-year warranty, so check out our online catalog or call us for a quote today.



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