Screw Compressors

Screw Compressor Remanufacture

When it comes to screw compressors, not all companies are created equal.

NCE was trained by an OEM to remanufacture screw compressors and have built screws for some of the leading compressor manufacturers.

Now that is something that very few compressor companies can say.

We use that knowledge and expertise in every compressor we remanufacture. This ensures that all tolerances are right on the specification and are set properly for optimal performance.

NCE remanufactures screw compressors of many different makes and models, and keeps a large inventory to help prevent downtime. In addition to remanufacturing screw compressors, we also sell newly manufactured. We can help with replacements or retrofitting new screws in existing systems that you would like to update.
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NCE now distributes new manufactured Frascold screw compressors. NCE is also an authorized Frascold service station and remanufacturer for North America.