Open Drive Compressors from National Compressor Exchange

Open drive compressors are available from National Compressor Exchange. Through our remanufacturing process, we are able to replace the internal parts of the compressor and offer you the machines you need when you need them. We offer direct shipping with one-day, two-day, and even same day shipping.

You can browse our catalog for a wide array of open drive compressors, including Schnacke-Grasso belt drive compressors. These can be used for all air conditioning and refrigeration applications. These open drive compressors can be air or water cooled from 50 to -50 °F. Our Open Type – Belt Drive compressors allow selection to conform to the over-all system capacity. It is compatible with refrigerants R-12, R-22, and R-502, R22 blend refrigerants.

We also offer Trane open drive compressors which come in varieties between three and eight cylinders. Depending on your space requirements, you are sure to find the compressor you need. Contractors that order from us can be sure that your order will arrive immediately. Along with our open drive compressors, we also have open drive screw compressors. We also have Carrier open drive compressors, Copeland hermetic compressors, and many other compressors for any application.

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