Custom Motor Winding

All motors are stripped in a controlled temperature system to ensure no damage is done to the irons. Our modern winding machines eliminates errors in winding coils and are capable of handling large motor windings with precision. We use the latest varnishes to submerge, dip, and encapsulate the stators after winding. NCE is also one of the only compressor companies to VPI(vacuum pressure impregnation) stators, 40 hp and above. Our impregnation system ensures full slot penetration of varnish to guarantee no wire flex in the slot to eliminate slot burnouts.

All of our semi-hermetic stators and rotors are surge tested to guarantee initial start-up under load. In addition, all motors are tested on a digital watt ohmmeter. This enables us to check our rewinders and make sure all work performed meets E.A.S.A. standards.

The digital ohmmeter measuring is as low as 1/10,000 of an ohm to check for the balance of the coils and conductivity through all soldered connections.

Our operational capacity ranges up to 400 HP, including 115 to 575 volts, 3 phase and single phase units, servicing air conditioning, refrigeration, and other industries. NCE can wind hermetic motors to direct drive motors for many different industries.